PremoFM 1.2 – Introducing Pinning, OPML support, iTunes links, and more Material


PremoFM, Android’s freshest podcast app, just leveled up with PremoFM 1.2 with a lot more awesome.  It’s available in Google Play now!

What’s new?

Pinning allows you save episodes to your device without subscribing to the podcast.  Want to check out Tim Ferriss Podcast w/ Jamie Foxx, but don’t want to subscribe?  Pin that episode to your device and you can listen to it, download it, add it to a collection or playlist.  Remove it when you’re done with it.

OPML Support allows you to import all of your podcasts from another podcast player, into PremoFM.  You can also export all of your PremoFM podcast subscriptions to an OPML file.  Access both features in settings.

iTunes Podcast Link opening allow you to click on an iTunes podcast link and open it in PremoFM, to that specific podcast.  Most podcasts list their iTunes link directly on their landing page.  This allows you to subscribe to podcast from the web on your Android phone more seamless.

Notifications have been improved.  Not only are they more readable, but now you’ll be able to check out show notes directly from your lock screen when you received a new episode notification.

Not familiar with PremoFM?  Check out the video below, then head to Google Play.



Tom Brady, ESPN, Media, and Barack Obama


Bill Simmons and guest, Chuck Klosterman, cover a ton of ground in the latest Bill Simmons Podcast. Particularly insightful conversation as they discuss how cord cutting affects ESPN’s bottom line, Bills Simmons recent interview of President Obama, and Chuck’s interview with Tom Brady. For example, ESPN loses out on $70/year in revenue for every cable subscriber that cuts the cord (cancels their cable subscription)!? Cord cutting is getting worse (I cut the cord 2 years ago) so I’d imagine they’re losing a ton of money.

As an side, I really just got into The Bill Simmons Podcast….it’s a good one.  Check it out.

You can find podcasts like The Bill Simmons Podcast on PremoFM, in the Google Play Store now.

Discover new passions with PremoFM

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I have a wide variety of interests and passions that matter to me, gadgets & technology, programming and UI/UX design, Android, indie rap & hip hop, dope Volkswagens, people of color in technology, New York Jets football, NC State Wolfpack athletics, travel and so many more.  I don’t have a crazy amount of time to sit and read things around my interests, but I have tons of time to listen.  Podcasts fill the majority of my free listening time.

As you’d imagine, I listen to a ton of podcasts. A few of my favorites, His & Hers with Jemele Hill & Michael Smith, The Vergecast, Tomorrow, The Accidental Tech Podcast, and Greenbench Podcast.  I built a podcast app for Android because I wanted to find and listen to more podcasts around my interests and passions and, perhaps, discover new interests and passions.  Now, you can too.  PremoFM 1.0 launches in the Google Play Store today, for free.  I’ve been building it in my spare time for almost a year and using it for about 10 months.  I’ve had beta testers using it for 6 months and now I want everyone to use it.  I have a vision for a podcast app that can help you discover new interests and passions. PremoFM 1.0 is the first step towards that vision.

I expect to move very fast, adding highly sought after features like public podcast collections, Chromecast support, variable speed playback and audio enhancements, better podcast discover-ability, and more

However for today, happy listening.

So, I could probably work on this forever.


I’ve been building a podcast app for Android for the last year in my spare time. (Side note: I’ve been building an app for Android for the last 18 months. Fun fact, Premo started off as a contextual messaging app). In the last six months I’ve been working with a small team of beta testers to assist me in creating a great experience for Android podcast fans. It’s time to widen the audience.

Taking a few steps back, I love listening to podcasts. I’m a HUGE podcast fan. That might be an understatement. When I’m not listening to my wife, daughter, friends, or coworkers, I’m listening to podcasts. I started listening to podcasts in the Google Reader days (who remembers Google Listen?). Since then I have tried and purchased many podcast apps on Android including BeyondPod, Podkicker Pro, PlayerFM, and Pocket Casts. They’re all great apps.

But I decided to build a podcast app because I think there’s still room to do something different.

  • I should be able to sample and listen to new podcasts, without needing to subscribe to them
  • I should be able to share my collections of podcasts and episodes with other listeners, easily
  • I should be able to see episode show notes without digging too deeply
  • I should be able to easily organize and navigate my podcasts
  • I should be able to use a beautiful app

I decided to build a podcast app I would love to use. Now I’m making a bet that others will too. Today I’m opening up the beta to anyone running Android 5.0 “Lollipop” or higher. To sign up, visit Premo.FM and click “Join the Beta”.

The beta is free, which given all of the work I’ve put into this app, is crazy. The app may go paid (via an in-app purchase) or become listener supported (donations like public radio). In the meantime, just try it out and send me any feedback on Twitter, @PremoFM. I’m looking forward to it.

Happy listening 🙂

Android MediaSession

With Android 5.0 “Lollipop”, Google introduced the MediaSession API to simplify control of media on Android.  I’ve been building a podcast app (PremoFM) for the better part of a year, so I have some intimate knowledge of MediaSession, so I told the world about it at a TriDroid Meetup.  My learnings with the MediaSession API, it makes the following significantly easier:

  • Controlling playback, in the case where your MediaPlayer is in a background service and you present the user with controls in an activity, MediaController
  • Broadcasting state and playback metadata changes
  • Android Wear media playback control
  • Bluetooth playback control

Trust me, use the API.  I spent the better part of the last year working against the framework, until I did a deep dive and finally began to understand the purpose.  Anyone, my learnings are in a Google Slides slide deck:

-> Playing Media on Android 5 & Beyond

I’ve posted a very rough sample Android project on GitHub with some crude examples of using MediaSession to control playback in a service, from a notification and activity.

-> MarshmallowFM on GitHub

Here is a great explainer video about MediaSession.