NC Traffic Cams v2.2


Something I’ve been working on something for a little while and its time to share, NC Traffic Cams v2.2.  Whats new?

  • Pull-To-Refresh – no more refresh button, just pull the camera gallery down to get the latest traffic conditions
  • More cameras (562 to be exact)
  • Tons of under the hood and visual tweaks
  • Android 4.4 “KitKat” compatibility

I’m rolling it out slowly over the next couple days in the Google Play Store.


See the full change log.


Anti-Muni Bill Advances in North Carolina

A pretty hot topic in North Carolina.  A little backstory…the goverment of Wilson, NC provides their community (Greenlight) with all fiber ntework internet (up to 100mb/s), cable, and telephone at very competitive rates. At the time, Time Warner Cable, wasn’t providing adequate services and charging very high fees for terrible service.  As you can expect, people, en mass, dropped Time Warner in favor of Greenlight.

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Kooley High “Ya Times Up” Video

I was wondering what happened to the video for this, but alas it came.  And its dope.  This was shot in Raleigh, NC by John Holland of Greenbench Productions.  The graffiti in the location of shoot was outstanding.  Credit goes to Close on that one.  There are DJ’s, producers, MCs, and graffiti all throughout the video.  If you don’t know what hip hop is now, watch the video to find out.  I make a few cameos as well.

Kooley High – Ya Time’s Up from Kooley_High on Vimeo.

This is the first single off of their recently released free album “Eastern Standard Time”.  Big ups to Kooley High, doing it way big in New York City now.  Click the image to download.  You should click the image.  I promise you, you will not regret it.