The Official Google Reader App for Android

I am a Google Reader addict, I admit it.  So when I saw this news, I got really excited and began to shake uncontrollably…:)

Here it is (Android) folks, the official Google Reader App for Android by Google.

It is available now in the Android Market…search for Google Reader.  A number of other apps will come up, but the one you are looking for is developed by Google, Inc…or just scan the QR code with Google Goggles / Barcode Scanner.

I will post a review and walkthough in the near future.


Speeed Reader and Twitter

A brief news update.  On August 31st, Twitter is going to be disabling the existing HTTP authentication method for logging in and tweeting using the Twitter API.  Unfortunately, all versions of Speeed Reader use this method to share articles on Twitter.  I will not be providing an update implementing the new method (OAuth) because of the difficulty and lack of time. 

As a workaround, if you use SMS to update your twitter account, you can share your articles via SMS and send them to the designated number for your Twitter account.

I apologize ahead if time for the inconvenience.

Speeed Reader v0.95

A Speeed Reader update to v0.95.  This update is specifically for those using it on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional.  WM6.1 Pro users cannot use v1.15 because the browser doesn’t not respond to touch. Only Windows Mobile 6.5 users are able to interact with the Speeed Reader browser in v1.15. Please download v0.95 if you are a Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional user.  If you are a Windows Mobile 6.5 user and you download v0.95, you will break browser functionality.