Technology Walkthrough Series Intro

Over the next week or two I will be posting some very informative items regarding the technologies that make Speeed Reader work.  It may or may not be knowledge you already possess depending on your experience in software engineering, however, I feel it may be beneficial for me and for others looking for this information.  Posts will include some snippets (generalized) from actual Speeed Reader code.  I am thinking about the following topics:

  • object serialization
  • http web communication
  • multi-threading
  • encryption
  • C#/C++ integration

I’m also looking for ideas for my next project.  A Twitter client was suggested and a media player would be a good idea.

Want Speeed Reader v1.11 Free?

A few months ago I mentioned how you can get Speeed Reader free.  Some more information on that.  All you have to do is write a 10 sentence (minimum) review of Speeed Reader (if you want to hammer because it sucks or praise it because it rocks, thats up to you – just be honest so I can continue to improve the application) and post it on your blog or website which is accessible from the majority of the internet.  Send me the link to this review and I will reply with a software key.  As simple as that.  Thanks for the support.

If you don’t feel comfortable paying through Handango, I am still working with Microsoft on getting the application in the marketplace.  I am also taking $1.99 paypal payments to eeenno@  I will respond with a software key manually, so this may take up to an hour, but in most cases instantly.

Speeed Reader on Handango!

Speeed Reader has been added to the Handando Software Catalog. I just activated it 60 seconds ago. They say to give it 12-24 hours before it is up for sale. I will post the link to the product when it is available.


Muneee Mondays Vol. 2 Episode 1

It’s been at least four months since I dropped a Muneee Mondays episode.  The last four months of 2009 was ridiculously busy to say the least.  However, I come bearing gifts on the first Monday of 2010 for everyone going back to work after the holiday season.


  1. Talib Kweli ft. Termanology & Royce Da 5’6 “Come Around”
  2. Nio That Gift “Grateful” (I’m feeling this record)
  3. Kanye West “I’m So Appalled”
  4. Reflection Eternal ft. Jay Electronica, J. Cole, Mos Def “Just Begun” (no hook, just rhyme spitting, real dope)
  5. Common “Dooinit”
  6. King Mez of The Lazaretto Crew “Lookwarm” (
  7. Big Pun ft. The Beatnuts “Off The Books”
  8. B.o.B. aka Bobby Ray ft. Bruno Mars “Nothing On You”‘

You can stream it using the Stream Pad at the bottom of the window (ahh Technology).

Download ->

King Mez & Commisioner Gordon Collab Album “Paraplegics” drops in Q1 2010.  Look out for that.