Rebuilding a PC Part 1

My dad gave me his custom built PC.  I took it apart before I got a handle on the hardware it contained.  From what I could tell though.

  • ASUS P5W DH Deluxe Motherboard
  • Intel Pentium D processor
  • 2.5GB DDR2 memory
  • 2 hard drives and 2 dvd drives/burner
  • ATI All-in-Wonder HD video card/TV tuner
  • Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS sound card
  • Thermaltake 550W Powersupply
  • Very loud case fans
  • 20pounds of dust (lol)

Over the next couple weeks I will be:

  • dumping the Pentium D in favor of a Core 2 Quad processor
  • going from 2.5GB DDR2 memory to 6GB
  • adding another hard drive to replace the aging IDE drive
  • adding a Samsung LCD monitor
  • buying quieter cooling fans
  • installing Windows 7 and some version of Linux
  • removing 20 pounds of dust

Hopefully I’ll get some pictures up.  I’ll commission this machine to do all my audio recording/editing, software development, source code repository, and music/movie/file server.  I have had this Gateway laptop for 2.5 years and it has done everything I have ever done with a PC during that time (recording mixtapes, Speeed Reader development, internet browsing) and its starting to fade into its golden years.  This new PC should make life easier.

Speeed Reader in Windows Marketplace for Mobile

Just been alerted that Speeed Reader has passed certification.  It is on sale in the Windows Marketplace for Mobile for $1.99.  You can access it from your Windows phone or through the following link.  If you buy it from the following link, you have to sign in to the marketplace on your handset to download the software.

UPDATE:  The application will only appear in the US market for now.  I am working on other regions, but this may take some time.