Speeed Reader v1.13 Available

Speeed Reader v1.13 is available for download.  You can download it here or “Check for Update…” in the application.  Changes in this version:

  • Bug: list doesn’t regains focus when marking an item as read or starred
  • Bug: sometimes wrong article is selected when starring/marking search results
  • Bug: articles not being marked read in some special circumstances

Speeed Reader v1.20 in development.  Contact me at SpeeedReader@gmail.com if you have any issues.

New Speeed Reader Update (minor) this week

Haven’t made a post about Speeed Reader lately.  Life does that to you sometimes.  I will be releasing a minor update this week, Speeed Reader v1.13.  Fixes some bugs hear and there as well as a couple of performance tweaks.  Then I’m on to v1.20, which (hopefully) will incorporate some big changes.  Stay tuned…

If you purchased Speeed Reader from the Windows Marketplace for Mobile, I will not be releasing incremental/minor updates there (ie. 1.12 -> 1.13) but  I will be releasing v1.20 in the marketplace.  This is because Microsoft only gives developers 9 free submissions before being charged $99/submission.  I don’t want to use all the freebies up on minor releases.  All the fixes will be in the next major release though.  Thanks!

And currently, Speeed Reader has a 5 star rating in the marketplace.  Thanks!