Muneee TV: Little Brother Live + Day in the Life of a Beagle

So I got this phone that can “shoot” 720P video…so I am going to be posting random videos and such.

First up, probably Little Brother’s last show at The Cat’s Cradle.  They perform Lovin’ It and as always the crowd goes crazy.  Note: the audio quality sucks, very much distorted.

Next up, a short video of a puppy that I got last week.

You can view it in higher quality mode by opening the video up in Youtube.

Stay tuned.


[sarcasm]Because I seemingly live in the sticks of North Carolina[/sarcasm]…I bring to you pictures of two turtles I discovered on my back porch/yard.  They made their way to the woods where I hope they continue to live the good life.  Enjoy.

Pictures were taken by my Samsung Captivate. on your mobile device is a go

Just a quick note, will now format itself correctly for mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.)

More stuff coming soon such as a new hip hop podcast, more articles on the Samsung Captivate, and some football related things.

They Got Me

Thats me in the Volkswagen GLI.  I thought this was pretty funny.

Headed to work in the morning.  I honestly couldn’t see the traffic light behind that tractor-trailer.  There are not traffic lights on the corners either.  I thought it was funny though.  If I can get the video, I’ll post that.