Android & Windows Phone 7 Development Diaries

I am going to try something new.  I have decided to develop applications for both the Android platform and Windows Phone 7 platform.  The initial applications I will hopefully be bring to both platforms before the year is over with.

  • Google Reader client with all the features of Speeed Reader
  • Twitter Trends tracking client

I foresee both of these applications being very very useful.  I will begin posting updates on my development progress, experiences and comparisons between both platforms, and any tips I can give to make development easier for anyone else looking to develop on either platforms.

You can use the the following links to get all the articles associated with the tags to filter the articles for each respective platform.

In other news, I am confident I will be getting a Windows Phone 7 developer handset soon! 😉

I have a new twitter account for all of my mobile discussions, reviews, development news, and rare randomness.

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