Learning TensorFlow

Adam Geitgey, is one of many engineers helping to spread machine learning knowledge to the rest of us.  His course, Building and Deploying Applications with Tensor Flow, is free this weekend through Monday, August 7th.  If you are interested in learning some of the basics of TensorFlow, this course does a great job.  It’s accessible, quick, and has some code to go along with it.

Cover slide from LinkedIn Learning

I finished it in a couple hours and feel like I have a good base of knowledge to build on.  After a pretty chill and relaxing summer, I’m working on restarting TrafficFlow, project where I build a TF model that can predict whether a snapshot from a traffic camera contains congestion.  This course is just one of many pieces of documentation and knowledge, I’ll be leveraging.

Building and Deploying Applications with TensorFlow on LinkedIn Learning

Edit: Check out a similarly structured lesson on Keras 2.0 – Building Deep Learning Applications with Keras 2.0