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I have a wide variety of interests and passions that matter to me, gadgets & technology, programming and UI/UX design, Android, indie rap & hip hop, dope Volkswagens, people of color in technology, New York Jets football, NC State Wolfpack athletics, travel and so many more.  I don’t have a crazy amount of time to sit and read things around my interests, but I have tons of time to listen.  Podcasts fill the majority of my free listening time.

As you’d imagine, I listen to a ton of podcasts. A few of my favorites, His & Hers with Jemele Hill & Michael Smith, The Vergecast, Tomorrow, The Accidental Tech Podcast, and Greenbench Podcast.  I built a podcast app for Android because I wanted to find and listen to more podcasts around my interests and passions and, perhaps, discover new interests and passions.  Now, you can too.  PremoFM 1.0 launches in the Google Play Store today, for free.  I’ve been building it in my spare time for almost a year and using it for about 10 months.  I’ve had beta testers using it for 6 months and now I want everyone to use it.  I have a vision for a podcast app that can help you discover new interests and passions. PremoFM 1.0 is the first step towards that vision.

I expect to move very fast, adding highly sought after features like public podcast collections, Chromecast support, variable speed playback and audio enhancements, better podcast discover-ability, and more

However for today, happy listening.