Google Play Music All Access

Google announced a music subscription service at Google I/O 2013 today.


Google Play Music All Access is Google’s answer to streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, and Rdio.  It’s available today for $9.99/month (lock in at $7.99/month if you sign up before June 30th) following a 30 day free trial.  You’ll be able to stream on the web or using the newly redesigned Google Play Music app for Android.

With that said, I’ve used tons of streaming music services (Pandora, Spotify, and Rdio to name a few).  I think what is going to set Google’s service apart from the rest is discoverability.  While using Spotify and Rdio, I rarely discovered new music while listening.  FYI: I have a great library of hip hop and rap that I like listening to.  I do keep my ear out on countless blogs and Twitter for new hip hop (time consuming, while filtering out the noise).  I like to change it up every once in a while.  In the first 30 minutes of using Google Play Music All Access, I discovered two new artists while listening to a Big K.R.I.T. station.

Google Play Music does a great of integrating your existing music library with the library now available from Google Play Music All Access.  You can add new albums and tracks to your library as long as you are subscribing….it’s all pretty seamless.  Pretty good addition to an already great service.

Screenshot_2013-05-15-20-24-13 Screenshot_2013-05-15-20-25-59

Check it out: Google Play Music All Access