Want Speeed Reader v1.11 Free?

A few months ago I mentioned how you can get Speeed Reader free.  Some more information on that.  All you have to do is write a 10 sentence (minimum) review of Speeed Reader (if you want to hammer because it sucks or praise it because it rocks, thats up to you – just be honest so I can continue to improve the application) and post it on your blog or website which is accessible from the majority of the internet.  Send me the link to this review and I will reply with a software key.  As simple as that.  Thanks for the support.

If you don’t feel comfortable paying through Handango, I am still working with Microsoft on getting the application in the marketplace.  I am also taking $1.99 paypal payments to eeenno@  I will respond with a software key manually, so this may take up to an hour, but in most cases instantly.