New Speeed Reader Demo Soon

I will be posting another Speeed Reader demo (10 day) (v1.10) shortly that is unlockable for full functionality using a registration key (purchased for $1.99 through Handango or soon, this site).

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays!

I am a Handango Software Partner

Good news, my application to become a Handango Software Partner was accepted and I can now start selling mobile applications through Handango.  This obviously means Speeed Reader will be available before the new year.  Stay tuned.

The application is still pending certification in the Windows Marketplace for Mobile so it may be available through Handango before it is accepted into the marketplace.

Welcome to

Welcome to or emun.eee.  It is going to be a work in progress as I work to populate and expand different areas of the site.  There are sections for everything I find time to involve myself in.  You can get to these different areas by using the navigation bar at the top.

I hope everyone has a happy holidays!