Use ints instead of enums on Android

Romain Guy, an Android framework engineer, gave a great talk at Devoxx on building Android apps in a memory conscious fashion.  See the link at the end of the post for the entire slide deck.

One thing always stood out to me, using int variables instead of enums.  As great as Java enums are (self documenting, type safety, etc), the following slide convinced me not to use them unless I really needed to.

Screenshot from 2015-03-04 19:11:44


It may seem like a trivial amount, but 1) that’s an order of magnitude smaller when you use int variables instead of enums and 2) a couple thousand bytes here and there in aggregate can lead to substantial savings.  Those memory savings matter, especially on lower end devices.

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The Story of Crossy Road

Several times a week, Hall says, he receives unsolicited emails from companies hoping to help Hipster Whale with things like monetization and user acquisition and all of the marketing terms that permeate the freemium gaming sector. Hall isn’t interested, even if he suspects they’d be effective, because there’s one term they use that alienates him: “Whales.” Players who spend inordinate amounts of money in free-to-play games, often despite themselves.

“Once you realize you don’t have to hunt whales, and you can make money in this way, then hopefully people will give it a shot, and we’ll get lots of cool stuff on the app store,” he says.”

I’ve received similar offers for app marketing and monetization services.  To be honest, 99% of them seem very shady.  I’m happy that it’s still very possible to make a great product and not need to flog your users for cash or resort to “shady” tactics.  $10 million in 90 days, I’d take that in a heartbeat.

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Lessons in Building and Releasing Android Apps

Falcon Pro developer, Joaquim Vergès, posts a slide deck used in a recent talk of his.  He lays out several tips for building and releasing Android apps.  My favorite slide:

Screenshot from 2015-02-20 19:03:37


I agree completely.  Waiting until something is perfect to ship is probably too late.  Shipping, based on your own list of initial priorities is best, especially if you don’t have the resources larger developers and publishers have at their disposal.  I should practice what I preach and release Premo.FM soon.

Note: Actually, a beta for Premo.FM is coming soon…

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